Drink the Healthiest Water

How Do You Know You’re Drinking the Healthiest Water?

BestDrinkingWater-MeridianHealingMethodsIn my last article I talked about the water you drink and discussed how healthy it is or is not. Today my topic will be about drinking the healthiest water you can.

The first step to improve your water is to purchase the highest quality filter for your kitchen. You can call us at 801-766-9191 for information about the best filters available.

Water from an ionizing water system is micro-structured, contains negative ions, and is alkaline. This makes the water molecules smaller, more bio-available and advantageous for every cell in your body. You must have clean filtered wate before you ionize it. Choose the best system for your health! You can also call us at 801-766-9191 for information about the best system available.

pH in your water should be…

A great ionizing system should provide drinking water in the range from 8.5-9.5 pH. Water for disinfecting should be 2.5 pH (very acidic) and water for cleaing should be 11.5 pH (very alkaline)…both should be produced by your system.

  • 2 tablespoons of 2.5 pH  water stops food poisoning and kills all bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and parasites.
  • 5.5 pH water is used for facial cleansing and skin balancing.
  • 7.0 pH water is neutral for taking medications.
  • 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 pH water is for drinking, detoxing, optimum cellular function and hydration.

Reasons this water is especially good for you…

  1. Cell-MeridianHealingMethodsIt balances body pH.
  2. It increases blood oxygen levels.
  3. It increases hydration with micro-structured molecule clusters – Hydrates six time faster than tap water.
  4. Negative ions remove toxins and pathogens and destructive free radicals from your body’s cells and your blood.
  5. The cells of your body maintain healthy respiration and function best when in an alkaline state. This can give us energy, strength, and a healthier immune system.
  6. The reticulum functions of removing pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides from the cells are more effective with micro-structured water than any other water in the world.

The absorption of micronutrients from the water we drink and the foods we eat is dependent on the alkaline state, negative ions, and the micro-structure of the water molecules we drink. A slight alkaline level is necessary not only for the inner cytoplasm to function, but also for the interstitial space between the cells to avoid disease and maintain health. On the cellular level, micro-structured water is the best water for your health.

It is good to drink the best water you can find and bless it. Your water becomes most of you. It is similar to a crystal. It reflects what you think, say, do and listen to by frequencies affecting each section of your mind and spine. When we are born we are mostly water and when we die we are only about 50% water.

Those who drink enough good water live longer and healthier lives. Why? Water is the key factor in the health of all systems of the body on a cellular level. Many health problems may be alleviated by keeping the body properly hydrated rather than treating symptoms with medications.

If you are open to be enlightened, want healing and want to learn self-care….please Contact Me, and together we can address your ailments and their solutions.

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