Meet Cliff Dunston

Cliff Dunston

Certified Holistic Lymphologist • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist • Certified Addiction Specialist

This is my story…

CliffNewMy interest in the healing arts started when I was just 14 years old and held my mother’s broken foot for about 10 minutes, after which she was able to get up and walk. Later, I understood what had happened – spontaneous healing happens with intent and faith. This began my journey studying lymphology, acupressure and homeotoxicology. It still amazes me that God has designed the human body to heal itself. This process can be learned through simple faith and intention to serve Him.

As a certified lymphologist in private practice, I called upon my skills as a professional illustrator to assist in educating my patients. The Meridian Connections Therapeutic Chartbook was created to teach my individual clients about acupoints and provide them with the tools needed to understand the body and continue their personal healing. Now it is available to individuals and practitioners with a desire to learn, study and practice the healing arts.

Who can benefit from working with Cliff?

People that are open to be enlightened and want healing and want to learn self-care. We do it for people. We do it with people, until people can do it for themselves

I have seen many people find themselves and their relationship to their Maker and to serve Him better and gain self-respect and blaze a better path for their children to follow because of reconciling their own issues and feel the elation of becoming their own best self and have fulfillment and inner peace.

What ailments and/or issues can be addressed?

Carpel tunnel
Pain, joint pain flexibly
Post operation Treatments
Skin Allergies
Laser Skin Repair- Wrinkles
Pain Relief
Post Chemo Balancing
Death Wish
Heart Walls
Suicidal Feelings
Clearing Lymphatics
Digestive Issues
Body balancing for depression and emotional clearing
Porn Issues
Children learning issues
Self-worth healing coach

What type of therapy does Cliff provide?

Certified Holistic Lymphologist
Life Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Addiction Specialist
EFT Practitioner
NLP Practitioner
Chi gong Master
Reiki Practitioner
Sacral Cranial Practitioner
Essential Oil Coach
Lymphatic Coach
EFT Coach
Wealth Coach
Relationship Coach
Spiritual Coach