Achieving Ideal Weight

The Key to Achieving Ideal Weight

Why do people fail at losing weight?

Why do people succeed at attaining ideal weight?

IdealWeight-MeridianHealingMethodsWhich of these questions has hope and which has fear?

Is achieving your ideal weight just about calories, or is there something more?

The path to ideal health, ideal wealth and ideal weight is ideal intent. The path to sickness has fearful intent. Fear, worry, hopelessness, critical thoughts, and low self worth blocks good intent. Faith, hope, praise, and gratitude are the building blocks of good intent.

If you were to go on a journey, would you want to travel alone or share the beauty of the trip with someone? Do not try to do your weight program alone. Do it with God.

  • Faith is a gift from God. We may ask God for more faith to attain our ideal weight.
  • Hope in all things is a gift from God. How exciting to move one pound closer to your ideal weight. Thank Him.
  • Praise is a powerful frequency word. It has an effect of strength and energy for healing. When we praise God for our existing state of health, wealth, or weight, we are blessed with the frequency of joy and a higher frequency physically for our metabolic process to be strengthened. Praise God for your weight and praise Him for each pound you get closer to your goal of ideal weight. Praise is a healing frequency. As we priase God about our weight, the powers of heaven open up to us to lead us on our journey to ideal weight. Each day I praise God for my weight. By this process I have moved from 240 to 170 pounds. To manifest ideal weight I move slowly, learning step by step. Sometimes I do this process very well and sometimes not so well. Each person must find their own path to ideal weight just as each person has their list of good foods to eat according to their blood type. I suggest you read “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by D’Adamo, Peter J.
  • Gratitude is powerful. It has a bonding frequency with God. When we delight in God’s ways, we experience many blessings. The more gratitude we have about our weight, the more easily we can move toward our ideal weight.

People have chosen to be where they are with their weight!

And they have behaved according to their beliefs about food and weight.

LawOfAttraction-MeridianHealingMethodsThe same thoughts and the same behaviors will continue to produce the same results. This is a small part of  a primary law, the law of attraction. We must change our thoughts and behaviors to change our weight.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I want to lose weight, but I can’t.” The “I can’t wins everytime. Have you given yourself permisssion to reach your ideal weight or do you fear makeing that choice? Fear blocks good intent. When we write down our intent, the energy of writing will increase the manifest energy from 50% to 100%. Your true spiritual self knows you cn attain your ideal weight. Once we change the way we think about weight, then our weight can change.

My weight loss journey…

I can remember when I went to jump school with the 19th Special Forces. At that time I weighed 210 pounds. I was happy to be there because I knew I was going to lose weight. After running 16 miles a day in combat boots in the heat of the summer, on black-top roads at 110° for two intensive weeks, I lost an amazing 2 pounds. I was so discouraged, especially when I gained those two pounds of water back one day later.

After that experience, I joined a spa. After several years of working out at the spa I was up to 215 pounds, with a waist line of 46 inches.

I did not know what to do. Things had to chnage. The way I thought about myself had to change. A friend of mine invited me to a 12 step group. My perceptions of myself began to change. As I began to think more positively about myself, life seemed sweeter. I knew, maybe for the first time, that when I changed the way I thought about my weight, then my weight could change. I am so grateful for all the 12 step programs that provide principles for change.

Worry about weight loss is a sure path to failure.

When your weight brings about feelings of embarassment, shame, or low self-esteem, then weight loss is impossible. If you fear weight loss, it will never happen. You are telling yourself a lie everytime you say, “I cannot lose weight.” Why give energy to what you fear or do not want? If you rely on your own RNA and DNA patterns of weight to define you then weightloss may be impossible. If we hold onto those negative thought patterns it is as if we hold onto the weight.

When getting your your ideal weight is more important than shame, fear, or worry about extra weight or obsession about weight, then your ideal weight will happen.

If you are open to be enlightened and want healing and want to learn self-care….please Contact Us, together we can address your health issues and their solutions.

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