Energy Balance of Chakra

How to Balance Your Chakra

Chakras-MeridianHealingMethodsMy book, Meridian Health, is designed to teach about what we can think and do to create a balance of energy for the body’s energy fields.

The chakra is one of the most interesting energy fields of the body. As you will soon see, there are seven basic chakras to balance. We are able to bring the chakras into alignment and balance as we work on the body. In English, a chakra is an oval bio-energetic field of ion energy corresponding to the endocrine system.

The Chakras:

  1. Crown Chakra – your neurochemistry and spiritual energy are strengthen by the musical frequency of the key of B, with the sound of EE. Color frequency is Violet.
  2. The third eye chakra will center when the endocrines are in balance with note A, with the sound of AA. Color frequency is Indigo.
  3. The throat chakra is in alignment when the speech center and endocrines of the thyroid and parathyroid are in balance with note G, with the sound of EYE. Color frequency is Blue.
  4. The heart chakra will balance when the thymus is in balance with note F, and with the sound AHH. Color frequency is Green.
  5. The solar plexus chakra, governing the liver, stomach, spleen, and lungs, balances with the key of E, with the sound of OH. Color frequency is Yellow.
  6. The navel, sacral, and sexuality chakra is the energy giving lymphatic  center. Use the key of D for balance. Its sound is OOO. Color frequency is Orange.
  7. The root chakra involves energy balance, plus elimination. Use note C for balance. The sound is EUH. Color frequency is Red.

About the Chakra:

Chakras are bio-energic fields that correspond to the endocrine system of the body.

With Carilion photography, these chakras appear as color shapes or ovals of light. When we are healthy, they are bright; when the sodium potassium pumps in, our cells are not producing balanced electrical energy, the colors are dull and out of alignment.

When we breathe deep for 20 minutes, the chakras become brighter. We can achieve alignment through:

  • Prayer
  • Playing the corresponding musical note
  • Singing the sound
  • Placing your left hand over the navel while tapping on the sternum or thymus with your right hand fingertips.
  • The use of Meridian Oil on the sternum helps give energy to chakra alignment.

Balancing the Chakra:

BalanceChakras-MeridianHealingMethodsTo balance the chakra, tap on the sternum (over the thymus) with the fingertips of the right hand clustered while leaving your left hand over your navel. Do this by thought, action, meditation, or prayer of intent on the area shown to the right. The energy of the navel area is transferred to the fingertips of the right hand. This energy will align the chakra.

Our boost in energy comes from the hormones of the thymus to all cells by the use of ATP conversion to ion energy. This transfer of energy gives power to all meridians for all issues. When the flow of energy is not sustained, we can experience:

  • pain
  • disease
  • depression
  • fatigue

Other elements such as color frequency and musical note frequency will strengthen the chakra for body energy balance. What we think and ask the elements of the body to do is within the sphere of personal health stewardship. Faith is the frequency element of health in action. Faith opens up the energy of nerve cell ion transport. It is a gift from deity. This ion transfer is the process of all acupressure energy work in action. Meridian Oil strengthens the ion transfer process throughout all meridians.

If you are open to be enlightened and want healing and want to learn self-care….please Contact Me, and together we can address your ailments and their solutions.

***Please note: This information is not for medical treatment or health practice, diagnostics, or cure. The FDA has not sanctioned any of these statement.


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