About Us

Judy and CliffNot that many years ago most of us lived in a state of unconsciousness as far as understanding what unconscious influences affect our life.

We went along, wanting our lives to go a certain direction and sometimes we were not able to hit our target goal with our families, with our relationships, with our children and even our financial goals. Until the movie “The Secret”, most people really didn’t realize the power of their thoughts. What we tell ourselves can manifest events into our life, like in the book “As a man thinketh”. Simply put, the Lord wants us to have faith, and faith does precede the miracles. As we have faith many answers can come to us.

One of those answers came to me (Judy) when I learned about the subconscious influence of my inner child and the story about myself that I had learned because of my life experiences, what I was exposed to and many different circumstances, that I had had that were hurtful and definitely dysfunctional.

I was aware that I had a choice with how to look at my experiences. I knew how I responded to the events of my life would determine the outcome of my life.

I am so grateful for the healing tools I have learned along the way for the last 30 plus years. All that I have learned in the healing process to have a better life than where I came from, still regarding that there was also a lot of good as well, and embrace the Savior’s atonement and letting go. Forgiving myself, forgiving others, forgiving life itself,
forgiving the tests and trials. Only to realize that I signed up for all of this when I chose the Savior’s way.

I agreed to come here to this life to experience opposition and learn from contrast. The opposition and contrast can get us down sometimes and then we can get our spiritual eyes back in focus and see what we are to learn from all of this and importantly heal and change our old story that we learned in childhood, during our downloading years mainly from 0-6 years of age. We can have different results in our life. We can ask the Savior to clear, clean, purify, delete and erase the old toxic, limiting beliefs from the old story of our life and then have a clean slate. We give our pain and sorrow and old story to the Savior, but we keep the wisdom of the experiences.

With this clean slate we can empower our life in the direction that is healthier and happier, that is according to God’s design for us as we concur with the Lord. It is all about turning our weaknesses into strengths with the Lord. For me it makes life worth living, because I know that I am progressing every time I face another weakness, because the Lord will help me turn it into a strength even though it has been painful at times.

Without some tools, this journey can be long and laborious, so we are here to assist and help with Meridian Healing Methods that make the journey easier. We are here to help you find what principle applies to any problem and do the emotional clearing so both conscious and subconscious are healed. Both the adult self will have a paradigm shift from applying the principles applied, and also the inner healing of subconscious and inner child as
well. We know that problems are only an opportunity for growth. We take you through a mediation to clear the old story and old patterns that have been in your way.

After using Meridian Healing Methods, the way is clear for you to accomplish what God has designed for you to succeed.

Cliff and Judy are here to serve. How can serve you? What can we give you?

So, it has become a wonderful healing journey for me because I got to change and heal my old story through my Savior Jesus Christ.

When I saw myself repeating patterns that were not serving me well at all, I realized the things I experienced had come from my dysfunctional story. If wanted to have what I wanted out of life I needed to change my subconscious story.