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A note from Cliff & Judy

In everything we do, we believe in challenging limiting beliefs. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge this is by making our methods spiritually designed, simple to use and user friendly so you can transcend limited thinking by using our concepts and processes.

We show wonderful amazing talented people like you, that sometimes get overwhelmed by your trials and issues, how to transcend what is blocking you by applying empowering healing principles and processes. We want for you to be able to live expressing your fullest capacity in life, in your career and your in relationships. You, as an amazing person get to use the same healing principles and processes we use with you. Then you can do healing techniques and self-counseling and apply the principles and processes in your own life and have your autonomy.

~ Cliff and Judy Dunston

Services, Assistance & Support for Your Journey to Wellness

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Need Help?

We offer kinesiology testing to discover how your personal story from your life experience is affecting your physical health, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial well being. We do the processes for you, then we do it with you, until you can do it for yourself. We teach you how to do self counseling. We show you how to unlock emotional and physical blocks that cause disease.