Change RNA and DNA

Can Patterns of Behavior From RNA and DNA Be Changed?


  • Did you know that your grandpa’s DNA and RNA have an influence on your health?
  • Did you know that your ancestors also have an influence on how you think?

Yes, they do! Even addictive energy patterns are imprinted in our RNA and DNA. RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) carry the freuqencies that we are given by our ancestors. They establish not only the color of our skin, hair and eyes, but also our thinking patterns and behavior. Our ancestors have established even our patterns of health.

Can patterns of behavior, even those of addictions be changed?

Yes, not only through agency, but through your meditations, prayers, and blessings from God. All things are possible. Beliefs or thinking errors can be passed down for four generations if our ancestors did not repent of their thoughts or deeds.

It is suggested that when we discover addictive behavior through kinesiology or prayer or family history, we may turn these burdens over to Christ and clear the energy of these imprints from our RNA and DNA. While we are about this process, we must not forget to turn over the burdens of our ancestors to Christ.

Our healing is not complete until we forgive these ancestors for their wonderlust. We may also thank them for some of their good attributes in our lives. DNA is behavioral. Weakness or woundedness comes from life experiences and from our RNA and DNA. God bless us all to overcome these things. We have each been given a perfect test by our own choices.

This is a little poem about RNA and DNA…

Forgiving Them

by Cliff Dunston

In our RNA and DNA are some of grandpa’s behavior

And by some of your actions he has done you no favor.

Your voice, your hair, your actions and even how you think,

Yes, you and I are the receivers of the good and the bad.

Yes we are flawed and blessed with the worst and the best

Yet, we can choose to overcome some of the traits given

And with the good and the bad we may feel driven.

Yes, with four gerations we have our makeup to overcome

And yet some is OK and somewhat fun…

Not all good and not all bad,

Not all thrills and not all sad,

So thanks to it all for the beauty and the beast

For the trials to overcome in this test of life

For the blessings of overcoming our trials and strife.

Yes, the blessisngs are equal to or greater than the test.

I must forgive them all and do my best.

So grandpa and granny thanks to you both

As I overcome your gifts and see my growth.

I forgive you and ask for your help and direction.

I am always thankful for your affection.

If you are open to be enlightened and want healing and want to learn self-care….please Contact Me, and together we can address your ailments and their solutions.

***Please note: This information is not for medical treatment or health practice, diagnostics, or cure. The FDA has not sanctioned any of these statement.

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